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01fullcolour.jpg 01fullcolour 02sandstone.jpg 02sandstone 03silver.jpg 03silver 04gold.jpg 04gold
05blue.jpg 05blue 06red.jpg 06red 07black.jpg 07black 08purple.jpg 08purple
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This artwork is created to support your efforts to help people, regions and countries that are affected by the 2004 tsunami. You are granted the right to use this artwork under the following guidelines.

  1. The artwork may be used for any purpose that may help the recovery, reconstruction and development of the affected regions. Eg, you may print the artwork on t-shirts or postcards to help raise fund or awareness for the tsunami victims.

  2. Creative use of the artwork is encouraged. The artist would be delighted to make modifications to the artwork providing such change may help you better serve the purpose above-mentioned. Eg. Adding your organisation's name to the artwork.

  3. This original artwork is created purely for the purpose of helping the tsunami victims. Any financial contribution you are willing to make for using the artwork should be forwarded to the tsunami victims directly or to the aid organisations that are helping the victims. Eg, the Red Cross.

  4. The artist appreciates your feedback on how you use the artwork or the result you achieve. Some tangible items sent to the artist, eg. A postcard, a t-shirt printed with the artwork or a photo of the t-shirt, are acceptable. No money should be sent to the artist. Further incentives would be granted to individuals or organisations that achieve outstanding results in helping the tsunami victims.